Costly and painful orthodontic treatment.

Time-consuming at-home alignment systems.

Intense surgeries.

All of these are options for fixing a smile with crooked, misshapen or otherwise unsightly teeth – but there is a better way! Dental veneers can provide you a brand-new smile, complete with the appearance of straight, bright teeth. The best part? You can get them quickly, in just a few visits to the dentist, while skipping the prospect of a grueling surgical procedure. Dental veneers have been surging in popularity as of late, with no signs of slowing down. Once considered a cosmetic treatment of the rich and famous, they have become a much more attainable option for every dental patient. The right cosmetic dentist will have the skills and technology to let you create and customize the smile of your dreams in only a few short steps and minimal legwork. Veneers can help those with teeth that are:

  • Crooked or misaligned
  • Discolored
  • Misshapen
  • Varied in size
  • Chipped
  • Broken
  • Worn-down
  • Gapped

Veneers can provide health benefits as well. When your teeth come in, they are covered in a thin coating of protective tissue known as enamel. This coating prevents damage from things like bacteria and acid from food and your body itself. Enamel is worn away over time, and its reduction can be expedited by things like poor brushing habits or health conditions. If you have suffered from significant enamel loss, veneers can help protect your natural teeth from damage; if you still have plenty of remaining enamel, veneers will help to preserve it.


What exactly are veneers?

Veneers are paper-thin shells that cover the outward-facing surfaces of teeth. They are custom-fit for each individual patient, and are created in a lab after molds are taken. They cover the existing teeth with a natural and beautiful new smile that can be achieved without the discomfort and unpleasantness of a surgical procedure or lengthy alignment treatment. Patients need not worry about involved maintenance processes either – the application process is relatively quick and easy with the right cosmetic dentist. What’s more, they are permanent, meaning there is no need to remove them to sleep or clean after meals, and they won’t shift around, fall out or affect speech in any way. They are taken care of in the same fashion as your natural teeth – regular brushing, flossing, mouth washing and seeing your dentist for regular cleanings.

Veneers are a wonderful option for most adult patients, and it is never too late to pursue the smile you have always wanted. If you’re in the South Florida area and would like to learn more about getting veneers today, call Great Boca Smiles at (561) 221-2045. We will be happy to assist you!