Immediate composite or Bonded Tooth Restoration on Pre-Teen

Bonded Tooth

A patient of Dr. Alan Markowitz contacted Great Boca Smiles through our Facebook Page. The patient’s son had been celebrating Memorial Day at the pool when they had an accident. Unfortunately, the child’s dentist was not responding because of the holiday, and he was hoping that Dr. Markowitz could help his son, even though he wasn’t a patient. Dr. Markowitz replied to the patient that he should bring his son in and he would take care of him.

After the “adult” tooth was restored through Bonding, the young boy happily exclaimed, “It looks just like the real one!” The dad, of course, was glad too, glad that his son didn’t have to wait two days to get the tooth repaired, and glad that Dr. Markowitz opened up just for his son.

In order for the tooth to be repaired, Dr. Markowitz matched the bonding material to the patient’s teeth. After preparing the surface, bonding was added and shaped. Using an ultra-violet light, the material hardened to its final shape. A little polishing, and fine-tuning and the tooth looks as good as new. And just like that dad and son went on to enjoy the remainder of the Memorial Day Weekend.

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