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Great Boca Smiles is an excellent dental practice for regular dental hygiene and dental procedures. Moreover, it is a dental office with a dedicated caring staff that contains the latest in dental technology and a dental lab inside the office.

Our technician, Nick, is a Cosmetic Ceramicist that is CEREC trained, allowing for Great Boca Smiles to complete a procedure in one visit. Ceramics are the best materials for Crowns, Onlays, and Veneers; they are stronger and last much longer. Having a lab in our office allows us to forgo temporaries and provides for a perfect fit and adjustment, all possible in a single visit.

How long does it take to produce a Dental Crown? 

Generally, it takes about two weeks for you to get a permanent ceramic crown. That’s because other dentists will send the model of your permanent tooth for manufacturing in a laboratory. At Great Boca Smiles, we use a digital scanner, that creates the crown, all without requiring a temporary crown or gooey impressions of your teeth. Nick, our lab technician, can produce the Crown in our Lab, allowing for Crowns in a single visit. Besides improving the turnaround time, we have greater control and can make any adjustments right away.

How long does it take to produce Dental Onlays?

An Onlay may be selected because a tooth’s cavity may have damaged the tooths structure. Instead of removing a portion of the healthy tooth area, an Onlay is molded and covers the cavity and chewing surface.

Your dentist might decide to fit an Onlay because the tooth structure is weak, and they suspect filling the cavity may cause the tooth to crack.

Many dentists send out for Dental Onlays and provide a “temporary” Onlay while the dental laboratory produces the final product. Because we have a lab in our office, we can offer Onlays in a single visit. By having the Lab in our office, there’s no need for temporaries, and minor adjustments, if needed, can be done right away.


When it comes to utilizing the most advanced technologies available in the field of dentistry, Dr. Markowitz and the staff at Great Boca Smiles take pride in being at the leading edge. Our goal is to provide the best treatments to you and ultimately give you the smile of your dreams. With all the options we have available, we can give you the optimum treatment plan. We offer CEREC One Day Crowns, Dental Implants, 3D Cat Scans, L-PRF, New Teeth Today-New Teeth Tomorrow, Non-Surgical Gum Therapy, and Sleep Apnea Treatments.

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