Immediate Bridge & Sedation

Fear often keeps patients from visiting the dentist. Some people have fears, anxieties, embarrassment, while others have a fear of hopelessness that anything can be done to repair their teeth. Over the long term, that neglect can lead to permanent damage to their teeth and gums.

The truth is there is almost always something that can be done to improve your dental health. At Great Boca Smiles, we can help you with your fear and anxiety, and we welcome you to visit us and discover that many of the fears you have are manageable. And it doesn’t always require a lot of time or work to be done.

patient bridge before

The patient was sedated with oral sedation and nitrous oxide. Once the patient was ready, Dr. Alan Markowitz removed the two teeth and prepared the area for a temporary dental bridge. A diagnostic model was used to design the temporary bridge in the office lab.

patient bridge after

The entire procedure took two hours from start to the installation of the temporary bridge. The patient was able to leave confident in their new smile and happy that the entire procedure was as easy as Dr. Markowitz had led him to believe. The patient had been told that all of his teeth needed to be removed and he would need an implant retained denture (all on four/ teeth in a day). Dr. Alan Markowitz explained to the patient that if he could keep some of his own teeth he would not lose the sensations of eating and tasting his food, and there would be no change in his speech. While this patient may require dental implants to restore missing teeth as well as crowns and fillings, he gets to keep his own teeth which is always the goal at Great Boca Smiles. The sooner you visit the sooner we can help you with your new smile. At Great Boca Smiles, we have your smile covered so you don’t have to.

Dental Bridge is for patients who have had one or more of their teeth removed and they would like to close the gap by installing pontics or false teeth to replace the missing tooth or teeth. The Dentist can create a bridge using the patient’s healthy teeth on either side of the one or more teeth that were removed. If there is no healthy tooth to attach the pontics to, the dentist can install an implant to act as an anchor in their stead. Learn more about Dental Bridges.