Immediate Implant Placement

The following patient broke two front teeth (numbers 7 & 8) at the gum line. The remaining root structures were not repairable.
Sedation Dentistry

Since the teeth could not be saved, and there was no other option other than to remove these teeth. Dental implants were selected to replace the missing teeth. The roots from the damaged teeth were removed to make a place for the implants. A surgical guide (left image above) was fabricated at Great Boca Smiles using a 3-D printer. Utilizing measurements taken by our Itero digital scanner. The surgical guide fit perfectly over the patient’s teeth (center image above) and lined up perfectly for Dr. Markowitz to place the two implants in the perfect position. (right image above). You can see where the implants were placed on the X-rays (image below).

Implant X-ray

Immediately following the placement of the implant, Dr. Markowitz closed the gingiva (gums) and fabricated temporary teeth. In approximately 12 weeks once the gums have healed and the implant is secure the patient will receive their final crowns.

To accelerate the healing Dr. Markowitz used both Platelet-rich plasma (PRP*) and a bone graft. In the image below we see the patient’s front teeth with their temporaries, completed in a single visit.

*Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a new approach to tissue regeneration that promotes healing in oral surgery, especially in aging patients. Promising results have also been obtained in implant surgery when PRP was used in isolation as a coating material.

Source: NIH