Many times patients require bone to be added around dental implants or placed in extraction sockets. In the past, the use of cadaver and bovine (cow) bone products were commonly used. Now, natural products can be extracted from the patient’s own blood to aid in the healing process. L-PRF™ is a bioactive “bandage” that is created from your blood and then placed in your surgery sites to promote healing. A sample of your blood is collected in a tube, just as it would be for a blood test. Your doctor then uses the unique IntraSpin™ System to separate and concentrate specific vital cells and active proteins by spinning your blood in a dedicated centrifuge. The bioactive clot, created from your own blood, is now ideal for your procedure.

When placed in surgery sites, L-PRF releases your body’s natural healing proteins, creating a more efficient network for cells to enhance the healing process. Depending on your situation, your doctor may supplement your L-PRF clot with different biomaterials customized for your needs. For patients with a significant amount of bone loss, a combination of L-PRF and bone growth material may also be used to promote natural bone regeneration. There is much less pain and swelling as well as faster healing after surgery. L-PRF can also be used to treat periodontal pockets, bone loss, and apicoectomies.

L-PRF reduces swelling and post-op bleeding. L-PRF contains high concentrations of your platelets that would naturally take many days to enter the healing site. By physically placing the supercharged platelets in the site better healing is obtained.

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When it comes to utilizing the most advanced technologies available in the field of dentistry, Dr. Markowitz and the staff at Great Boca Smiles take pride in being at the leading edge. Our goal is to provide the best treatments to you and ultimately give you the smile of your dreams. With all the options we have available, we can give you the optimum treatment plan. We offer CEREC One Day Crowns, Dental Implants, 3D Cat Scans, L-PRF, New Teeth Today-New Teeth Tomorrow, Non-Surgical Gum Therapy, and Sleep Apnea Treatments.

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