Sedation Dentistry

Dream Through Your Next Dental Appointment

We would like to introduce to you the wonderful option of dreaming through your next dental appointment. Dr. Markowitz can repair teeth, brighten smiles and treat irritated gums, all while you feel relaxed and comfortable. With sedation dentistry, your anxiety will melt away, as Dr. Markowitz takes gentle care of your smile.

Many people avoid making their next dental appointment because they experience dental anxiety.  If this has been keeping you from taking care of that painful cavity or treating those irritated gums, you’re not alone. Sedation dentistry is the perfect solution for you! Most of our patients feel like they have slept through the entire appointment. With sedation dentistry, several appointments can be condensed to save you time!


If anxiety has been keeping you from taking care of that painful cavity or treating those irritated gums, you’re not alone. Many people avoid making a dental appointment because they’re nervous about the possibility of pain. Sedation dentistry is the answer. Most patients feel like they slept through the entire appointment

Time Saver

Sometimes life is too busy to make several different appointments to take proper care of your teeth and gums. With sedation dentistry, several appointments and different procedures can be condensed into fewer visits!

Relaxation Dentistry FAQ’s

What is nitrous oxide?

You might know it as “laughing gas.” It is a colorless gas that Dr. Markowitz can use during your procedures to help you relax. It is safe when it is professionally administered and aids in reducing anxiety in many dental patients.

It is often used to sedate a patient for a short period of time or in unison with another sedation medication.

What is oral sedation?

Sometimes called “sedation dentistry”, oral sedation is administered by taking a small pill one hour prior to your appointment. All body functions remain normal and the person is able to breathe on their own. It helps most patients, allowing them to relax and have little or no memory of their dental appointment. Some patients are so relaxed that they sleep through their dental appointment. Oral sedation allows Dr. Markowitz to complete more dental procedures in a shorter period of time. A four-hour appointment will feel like a fifteen minute one.

Is oral sedation safe for me?

The history of oral sedation has proven its effectiveness and low-risk. Dr. Markowitz uses common medications, that are safe and widely prescribed. Vital signs are constantly monitored; from the moment you arrive at the office until Dr. Markowitz is comfortable with you leaving. In fact, he and his whole dental team are highly trained in safety and emergency procedures, making the dentist office one the safest places you can be!

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