Tooth Bonding

Tooth Bonding is it right for you?

When a tooth is chipped, fractured, or decayed, bonding can be used to repair the damaged tooth. The material used in bonding is a resin and is colored to match the color of the tooth being repaired. The resin is “bonded” to the damaged tooth, hence the name “bonding”.

Bonding is used primarily for cosmetic dentistry to repair a tooth, but in some instances can be used to reduce the space between two teeth eliminating an unsightly gap.

The reason people select bonding over “Veneers” which are longer lasting and encapsulate the entire tooth, is that the entire bonding procedure is usually completed in a single visit and the cost to bond the damaged tooth is less expensive. Remember to ask the dentist which is a better solution for your individual case.

There is usually no need for sedation with teeth bonding because there is normally no pain associated with bonding. There are instances where a decaying tooth can be saved with bonding in which case the patient can elect to receive “Sedation.”

Four Steps to “Bond a Tooth”

Four Steps to “Bond a Tooth”

  1. The dentist will select the closest color from a chart to best match the tooth being repaired so that the repaired tooth looks like all the others.
  2. The dentist will prepare the tooth, making the surface area larger by making it uneven so that the bond is stronger.
  3. The dentist will apply the resin to the tooth and shape the resin to “fill in” the missing area so that it looks and feels like the original tooth. The resin is then exposed to ultraviolet light which turns the malleable material into a solid.
  4. When the resin has turned into a solid the dentist will do final adjustments to the tooth for a better appearance and complete the procedure with a final polishing.

Once the bonding procedure is complete; normally in a single appointment, unless multiple teeth are being done, the dentist will instruct you on the proper care of your bonded tooth and what to avoid in the first two days to prevent staining.

In order for your tooth to remain healthy, you must maintain a proper dental hygiene regimen and make sure to visit the dentist on a regular basis.

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