VELscope VX

Tissue Fluorescence Oral Scanner

VELscope VX
Enhanced Oral Assessment System

Relatively few advances have been made to significantly enhance the visualization of soft tissues in the oral cavity. It is essential to check for discrepancies on cheeks, tongue, palate, and lips as well as the throat. This state-of-the-art visualization device helps the dentist to assess the health of the soft tissues of the oral cavity. It can aid in the early discovery of tissue abnormalities, including cancer and precancerous lesions. Velscope VX is an excellent new technology that has been adopted as part of our offices’ enhanced patient care.
Early detection can improve oral health and lead to less invasive and more effective treatment outcomes, reduce preventable medical expenses and extensive surgery and post-operative care, and in some cases, save a life. This exam is now established as a regular part of Great Boca Smiles’s initial assessment and periodic re-care protocol. This service may or may not be covered by insurance, but the minimal expense of using the Velscope VX will prove to be invaluable.
Here are a few facts about oral cancer:
  1. On average, somebody in North America dies of oral cancer every hour of every day.
  2. About 25% of oral cancers occur in people who do not fit the profile of high risk. These people have no history of excess tobacco or alcohol use and are not immunocompromised.
  3. Although the risk of oral cancer increases with age, an increasing number of patients under the age of 40 are diagnosed with the disease. This may be due to HPV and the popular use of Vape pens and marijuana products.
  4. Discovering dysplastic lesions early and intervention in premalignant lesions allows for the highest probability of a favorable outcome. The role of the dentist and dental hygienist is to look for tissue changes.
This service may or may not be covered by insurance but the minimal expense of using the Velscope VX will prove to be invaluable.
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